Applicant Options

ACCELERATED SERVICES, LLC is not a U.S. Government agency. For passport services, you may apply directly through the U.S. Passport Office and for visa services, you may apply directly to the embassy for the country you will be visiting. We are a visa and passport expeditor and will gladly assist you in processing on your behalf. We charge a fee for our services, which is in addition to what the passport office or embassies charge. Our fees cover the pickup of your materials in the D.C. area, review of documents, hand carry submission and pickup.

Additional Fees

The U.S. State Department, Passport Agency, and Embassies reserve the right to change and revise their requirements and fees without giving prior notice. If a revision to the requirements are made during the course of the processing of your passport or visa, ACCELERATED SERVICES, LLC will contact you immediately to advise you of the changes as well as provide you with the necessary instructions to move forward. We cannot be held responsible for additional fees that may be incurred due to such changes.

Delays, Lost, Damaged

ACCELERATED SERVICES, LLC is not responsible for delays, damages or loss of documents resulting from the actions of the U.S. Department of State, Passport Agency, Embassies or shipping carrier you chose for the transmission of your documents. We will however, do everything in our power to ensure the safe and accurate return of all travel documents and materials. Issuance of a passport, or a visa is at the sole discretion of the applicable agency or embassy and we cannot be held responsible if your request is denied. We vow to keep you informed and answer all questions.