ACCELERATED SERVICES, LLC works closely with the U.S. Passport Agency to help you expedite your passport process. We provide expedite services for the following:

  • Passport Renewal

  • New or First Passport

  • Replacement Passport

  • Child Passport

  • Name Change

To ensure all needs are met within the limited time frame, we will review the passport application to ensure accuracy before submission to the passport agency. Once application is complete, we will review the passport to make sure all information is correct before it is sent back to you. For more detailed information, click HERE

ACCELERATED SERVICES, LLC has processed visas to many of the areas embassies and consulates for over a decade. We have built and maintained strong relationships with personnel within the embassies. To ensure our clients' travel documents are processed accurately and on time, 

  • We review your completed application

  • We submit completed application and applicable documents to appropriate Embassy

  • On scheduled pick up date, we retrieve your visa from the embassy

  • We review the visa to ensure all information is correct and accurate 

We also offer expedited services to ensure all deadlines are met. For more detailed information, click HERE


ACCELERATED SERVICES, LLC provides transportation and delivery services to many Government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, and corporations of all sizes. With over 15 years experience specializing in the safe and secure handling of

  • Documents 

  • Packages

  • Parcels

  • Crates

  • Medical specimens 

  • Medical supplies  

  • Hazardous materials 

we pride ourselves on providing quality, efficient, and reliable service. For more information, click HERE